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Masaa is an independent international publishing and distribution house based in Canada specializing in Arabic fiction & nonfiction in fields of literature, humanities, and translation. Founded in 2008 by the poet Mohammed Al Nabhan, the project was fueled by his passion for the idea of creative publishing.

Masaa then became an influential and accomplished company in the world of publishing, dedicating its efforts to compete in providing the best publications in the literary and humanistic fields as well as the never-ending search for the best content in the world to be presented to the Arab world with an elegant and accurate translation.

Our main assets, besides the rich well of knowledge that comes from our books, are the readers, authors, booksellers, librarians, and book distribution, partners. With their help and their unwavering loyalty, we managed to achieve many of our successes.

Creativity is our motto. Highest quality and passion are our objectives.


At Masaa Publishing & Distribution, we believe in delivering high-quality content, competitive prices, and strong marketing strategies. We also believe in leveraging the latest publishing technologies to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers and partners.

We understand the needs of authors, librarians, and book distribution partners, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to provide the highest level of products and services.

Our main goal is to provide excellence in the world of literary publishing, both fiction and non-fiction, becoming an essential partner in the industry of human thought.


At Masaa Publishing & Distribution house, we pride ourselves on our ability to see the big picture. Rather than focusing on short-term financial gains, we base our decisions on our long-term vision that looks beyond simple and possibly temporary financial profits and setting our sights on the real prize; an invaluable and endless resource of impactful and timeless books.

We believe in continuous and dedicated marketing that doesn’t rely on content that is related or catering to specific market conditions. Every good book does not die or disappear. A real and successful book doesn’t have an expiration date. It can be read at any time, anywhere, and by anyone who has the curiosity to discover new things and learn.


  • We have an unending passion for excellence. We constantly challenge ourselves to excel in all aspects of publishing and, most importantly, we enjoy what we do.
  • We are committed to providing superior products and services of the highest quality and professionalism.
  • We treat our employees as distinguished individuals and work diligently to enable them to realize their full potential and contributions. We firmly believe in our open communications policy and continue to share our successes with everyone in complete transparency.


We actively encourage the innovation culture, which facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures product quality. Our market is global, and we strongly believe in creating healthy and loyal partnerships with our customers and suppliers to achieve our common goals.

Literary translation as long-lasting currency

We truly understand the importance and sensitivity of literary assets which drives us to delicately cater its concept representation to other languages noting and treating the cultural mindsets of the second or third language readers and their socio-cultural backgrounds and work continuously to explore with them the human acts of creativity.

What distinguishes us:

  • Being an independent publishing house encouraged furthermore to determine the quality of the selected publications.
  • We are proud of our competence and professionalism in realizing and understanding the changing needs of our authors, communities, bookstores, and librarians.
  • Following our brand positioning strategy, We follow a strict editorial standard that applies to all of our publications with the help of bespoke literature editors around the world.
  • We truly understand the importance of continues effective marketing that can nurture literary talent along with our strategic publishing stakeholders and business partners to achieve the success equation and foresee growth opportunities.